How to install IPA file with Sideloadly

This tool is like Cydia Impactor famous but more options and especially useful because you may already know Cydia Impactor has no longer been supported by Saurik – its biological father -.

Introduction to Sideloadly

Sideloadly was introduced in July 2020 by some members of iOSGods forum – a forum specializing in iOS – after Cydia Impactor officially failed to function normally.

Sideloadly manual

Attention: The author says when enabled using the free Apple ID account to install IPA, the tool will send data to their servers. You can turn off this function but after turning it off you can only use Apple ID for a fee (programmer). Or instead you can create an Apple ID to use.

How to install IPA file with Sideloadly

New Sideloadly only supports Windows OS, for other OS TTJB will update the download link as soon as it launches.

Download Sideloadly

You can download Sideloadly at the following links: Download Sideloadly

You also need to download Apple’s iTunes app so your computer can recognize your device: Download iTunes (For MacOS no need to install because iTunes are available)

How to use to install IPA

With Windows, open SideloadlySetup files. exe just downloaded to install tools into computer. Once installed, open the tool by clicking on its icon.

For MacOS, open SideloadlySetup files. dmg then drag Sideloadly icon into Applications to install into the machine.

Cable plug connecting phone to computer. Then you will need to enter your Apple ID, after finishing importing Sideloadly will save your account for convenience next time.

The main interface of the tool will be the same as the photo. Here you can click icon IPA and browse IPA on your computer or you can simply drag IPA and drop in Sideloadly’s window.

The Device you choose the device that will install IPA (if it doesn’t show your device, check your connection cables or phone). Select Apple ID account in Apple account. Press Start to start installing IPA.

Tools will show IPA installations, when you see Done it means work is done. Open your device and trust the app to use.

Additional features

Also in Advanced options you can see advanced options like the picture below.


  • Try to support iOS 8 +: Try to support iOS 8 or more
  • Remove limitation on supported devices: Remove limit on supported devices
  • Change app name: Change app name
  • Change app version: Change version of the app
  • Change app bundle ID: Change the package name of the app
  • Don’t use Anisette authentication: Don’t use functions to help install IPA using Apple ID for free (read the note at the top of the instructions).

The end

How do you feel about this new tool? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or question below the comments section. You can also visit IPAJB IPA MOD Fanpage to exchange or join IOS MOD Jailbreak on Facebook for help with all iOS problems!

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