How to Install Save Game Cheats for Non-Jailbroken iDevices

To install Save Game Cheats into ios device, the user information is can use SinBackupBot to install. But since it stopped working, users have more problems. In this article, IPAJB will guide you to install Save game cheats in a simpler way

– A computer running macOS or Windows, you are not able to do this on your device only.
– WinRar or 7-Zip or any other similar ones. 7z crashed for me so WinRar is suggested.
– iMazing [Free] or iMazing [Full Version]
– Your Non-Jailbroken iDevice connected via USB cable. This method also works on Jailbroken iDevices, but this should mainly be used for Non-Jailbroken devices as Jailbroken devices have an alternative and much simpler way of installing save game cheats.
– Find My iPhone Turned Off. Yeah, this may sound sketchy but it’s required for this tutorial to work. Enable it again once you have successfully applied the hack!

1. First of all, install & do everything from the requirements above. Then open up iMazing on your PC.

2. Make sure you have your target app installed on your iDevice. To be certain, play the app a bit so it generates the save files it requires. For this tutorial, I will be hacking Merge Dragons! using this hack from iOSGods. So go ahead and download the hack onto your PC.

3. Next, go to iMazing and then click on “Manage Apps” option.

How to Install Save Game Cheats

4. Inside the Manage Apps window, click on the “Device” tab then find your target app. Mine is called “MergeDragons!” from the list. Right click the app’s name and click on “Back Up App Data” from the

How to Install Save Game Cheats

5. In the Back Up App Data screen, make sure “Back Up and Extract App Data” option is ticked and click Next & then follow the on-screen warnings and instructions. Your app will be backed up and extracted to your PC in the destination you chose.

How to Install Save Game Cheats

6. Now this is where WinRar comes in. Open the new xyxyxy.imazingapp file via WinRar then open the Container folder and in there you will see your app’s Documents & Library folder. This is the part where you copy over the hack files you downloaded from iOSGods. Drag the hack files inside WinRar. Save files must be placed in their respective directories.

How to Install Save Game Cheats

7. Replace old files if prompted and then close WinRar and go back to your iMazing Manage Apps tab. Scroll back to your app and right click it, but this time, you will click the option “Restore App Data“. Inside the Restore App Data screen, choose the file you just opened with WinRar. The one where you moved the hack files into. Then click Done. Your iDevice will reboot in order to restore the app’s data.

How to Install Save Game Cheats
How to Install Save Game Cheats

After reboot is done, you can now open your app and you will see that the Save Game hack we applied is working! 

How to Install Save Game Cheats

And that’s it! You can repeat this process again for other apps you would like to hack! You can restore multiple hacks at the same time.

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