How to unban your Call of Duty Mobile ACCOUNT

Alright guys so today I’m gonna be walking you through a step-by-step guide on how to get your Guest Account unbanned from COD Mobile. I’m aware there’s already another post on how to get your device unbanned, but really what that does is it completly erases your keychains and in so doing it also deletes all your passwords which means you’d have to login again on every single account from every application installed on your phone. The method explained in that post lets you start a fresh account, that is to say, you’re gonna have to create another Facebook account every time you get banned which is a little bit of a daunting prospect, and it doesn’t unban your guest account. 

With this method you’ll be able to start new account as a guest which consists only in typing a new username. What’s more it doesn’t delete any of your actual passwords, and you can later link your guest account to a Facebook account if you wish to, into the bargain. This is really convenient for testing cheats and whatnot because you can throw away your account if you get banned and create a new one easily.

However, there is one string attached, and that’s the fact that your progress will be inevitably erased every time you get banned. There’s no two ways about it, once you get caught cheating your stats will never come back. That being said, lets get started:

Being jailbroken and having Filza installed.

1) Make sure you have the game installed, open it and see to it that the ban warning shows up. Then close the game and kill it from the app switcher.

2) Open Filza and navigate to /var/mobile/Keychains

If you can’t find said folder inside that path, it can also be in /var/

How to unban your Call of Duty Mobile ACCOUNT

3) Open the file Keychain-2.db and select genp

4) Once you’re inside genp, tap on the search bar and paste the following line of code without the brackets [ delete from genp where agrp = ‘6KZFBJ4CBY.*’ ]

5) Hit search for the changes to get applied. A text should show immediately after saying the amount of rows that have been affected just like this:

6) Go back, press done, close Filza and reboot your phone. It’s very important that you do this or else it won’t work.

7) Once your phone have turned on, uninstall the game and install it again. After that you will be able to start a new guest account.

PD: To avoid downloading the game every time you get banned, you might wanna download the IPA and try to fake sign it with AppSync through Filza. You can also try some signing service. However that might not be the perfect solution since this kind of games receive updates all the time and you’ll have to download the latest version from the AppStore anyway.

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