iGameGod Jailed! Speed Manager, Touch Recorder & Cheat Engine for Non-Jailbroken Devices free Download

iGameGod is a tool designed for iOS jailbreak users to modify and cheat in games. It allows users to modify various parameters of games, such as the number of in-game resources or lives, the difficulty level, and much more. This tool has gained immense popularity among gamers, especially those who play mobile games on their iOS devices.

One of the primary features of iGameGod is its ability to hack games without needing to modify the game’s code or install any additional software. This makes it easy for users to hack their favorite games without the risk of damaging their devices or getting banned from the game. iGameGod uses a unique technique called “memory modification,” which allows users to change the values of different variables in a game’s memory, such as the number of coins or gems.

Another great feature of iGameGod is its user-friendly interface. The tool is designed to be easy to use, even for those who have no prior experience with game hacking or jailbreaking. The app provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool, making it accessible to anyone who wants to modify their games.

iGameGod is also regularly updated with new features and improvements. The developers behind the tool are always working to improve its functionality and add new games to the list of supported titles. This ensures that users always have access to the latest cheats and hacks for their favorite games.

However, it is important to note that using iGameGod to cheat in games is not supported by game developers, and it can result in the user getting banned from the game. Additionally, using iGameGod requires users to jailbreak their iOS devices, which can void their warranty and expose their devices to security risks.

In conclusion, iGameGod is a powerful tool that allows iOS jailbreak users to modify and cheat in their favorite games. It provides a user-friendly interface, a unique memory modification technique, and regular updates with new features and improvements.

IGameGod App Features

In order to keep this topic clean, each iGameGod option (except cheat engine) will have their respective topic where everything will be explained in detail.
• Memory/Cheat Engine – Find and modify in-game values!
• Speed Hack Manager – Adjust the speed of your games!
• Touch Recorder / Auto Touch – Record and playback your touches!
• Live Offset Patcher – Patch offsets on-the-go!
• iGDecrypt – Decrypt iOS apps executables for researching!  NEW! 
• iGSpoof – Spoof your device information!  NEW! 
• Tweak .deb Installer – Easily install your .deb files or inject via iGameGod!  NEW! 
• Unity Il2cpp Runtime Dumper – Bypass protections by dumping global-metadata.dat from memory!  NEW! 
• iGameGod Debugger – On-device (LLDB) debugging!  NEW! 
• More to come!

IGameGod Cheat Engine Features

– Exact Search (auto, float, double, uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64, int8, int16, int32, int64, text) – Search for known values
– Fuzzy Search (Decreased, Increased, Unchanged, Changed with all the encodings mentioned above) – Search for changes in unknown values
– Nearby Search – Search for values nearby each other with the ability to specify the range
– Grouped Nearby Search (x,y,z)
– Memory Browser – Browse through the app’s memory and view/modify values
– Modify Search Results
– Select/Batch Modify Results
– Lock/Unlock (modified) Values
– Favorite/Save & Name Addresses
– Search Settings which allows you to configure Search Range, Float Tolerance, Use Memory or Storage, Buffer Size & Nearby Search Range. NEW! 
– iGameGod overlay so you don’t have to keep swapping back and forth between apps
– Light & Dark mode based on your iOS settings!
– Long press the close button to take a quick peek of what’s happening!
– And more! With even more improvements to come!

How To Install IGamegod

  1. First of all, we will need the iGameGod.deb which you can download it from the official link
  2. Next, you will need your target .IPA file which you can easily get from the https://ipajb.com
  3. Now drag & drop the the iGameGod.deb onto Sideloadly window and enable Sideloadly’s .deb injection feature under ‘Advanced Options’. See screenshot below!

Then click ‘Start’ and you’re done! Sideloadly will inject iGameGod to your app and then sideload it onto your device

Download Igamegod For IOS Deveice

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