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MORTAL KOMBAT is the tenth edition of the anti-anti-anti game that has been familiar with generations, aka ′′ Black Dragon “. The game first appeared in 1990. When mentioned The anti-game line, MORTAL KOMBAT has always been one of the most prominent names on the market, that’s why NetherRealm Studios publisher repeatedly snapped this game, making it more graphically sharpened too as gameplay, adding more new features compared to previous versions. The game will help you experience what it’s like to be a true fighter, engaging in the fight between life and death.

In fact, MORTAL KOMBAT has no specific plot, whether it has built a vast universe with a character system of able or Marvel. You can still see short videos or flashbacks of each character, understand more stories about their past, know who they are, but that’s not enough. If the publisher invests more in content then the game probably has more to make the player curious, because the player often prefers to explore the in-game world than the usual fight.

The gameplay

As you know, MORTAL KOMBAT is a game of resistance, i.e. you’ll be controlling a character to fight other characters in 1 vs1 battles. These matches are dramatic, require thoroughly player skill, skillfulness and indispensable is battle experience. After playing for a while, you’ll understand how each character plays, so you can dodge your opponent and counterattack with as little as possible, limiting the maximum of extra moves. When I first play, whenever my opponent takes skill, I’m usually too scared to press all the possible keys, it sounds funny.The game’s control system is also sophisticated, smoothly designed to make it easier to control character. The matches are quite fast pace, continuously the bite-sized beatings, paying between two gladiators will make you unable to take your eyes off your phone. Just one mistake, you can also be endowed at any time by your opponent.

Mode 3 vs3Not only solo matches, in this edition, you can build a squad of three strongest fighters and take them to intense battles for gold, experience to upgrade your characters you get stronger. This is the latest mode of this game, promise to bring many surprises to the players.

Faction Wars

If you don’t like the above mode, you can continue to master the traditional solo mode using the skills of a top warrior. Challenge other players in real-time matches, win them, and climb the highest places in the MORTAL KOMBAT rankings. The game will honor the best players, are you among them?

CharactersYou will see the familiar characters of this series like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac and more. Haven’t stopped there yet, the game updated some more new characters like D ‘ Vorah, hot Cassie Cage, mystery boxer Kung Jin or bloody Kotal Khan killer.The game also allows you to develop and customize your character, making battles more surprising because you can hardly guess which style your partner plays. It adds a little mystery with tactical calculation, not just a simple fight.


MORTAL KOMBAT’s graphics are incredibly violent with action scenes that are truly described. You can easily see the violence and blood on every blow of your character like a powerful punch that makes your opponent bleed, burst your head or tear your opponent in half. Especially, after winning, the game will give you a short period of time to decide how to finish your opponent for ′′ cool “. Dan with matches is Slow motion videos for you to enjoy every detail the impression of the game’s graphics.


Download game MORTAL KOMBAT MOD for IOS

There’s no need to argue about the popularity nor the charm of this game, the game deserves to be one of the best mobile counterparts. Want to experience the battles between life and death? Join the battles in MORTAL KOMBAT Mobile.

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