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Truck Simulator : Ultimate MOD is a simulation game from the publisher Zuuks Games, is already familiar to those who are fans of the Bus Simulator: Ultimate game with over 250 million players. AndTruck Simulator Ultimate is a brand new game. Graphically polished with multiple vehicle upgrades and a whole new multiplayer experience.

the world in the game is gradually being recreated a lot to bring the environment as close to reality as possible. Therefore, the simulation genre has received more attention in recent years. A lot of simulation games are at the top of the charts, no matter what genre of simulation it is about or what works in life it is. People can even use devices like real steering wheels to be able to play a simulation game on PC.

But among the simulation games that I have experienced, Truck Simulator Ultimate will surely be the most elaborately invested game I have ever known. This game allows players to set up a transportation company, hire employees, and drive the cars they want. Enjoy the awesomeness of this simulation game today!


As mentioned above, in the gameTruck Simulator Ultimate Mod players will start by establishing their own shipping company. You can locate your headquarters in various countries like the USA, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Azerbaijan and become the largest logistics company in the world. Here you can manage your business and build your own trucking fleet, buy more vehicles and hire employees, manage your company for more profit.

After becoming a leading business, you will bring reputation to the company. At that time, players will have to pay more attention to the appearance of the headquarters, upgrade the office the way they want and unlock more trucks to bring higher income to the shipping company. InTruck Simulator Ultimate, there are more than 32 trucks that players can unlock and own. Or you can buy back used trucks at the parking lot. In addition, you can also upgrade your cars with lamps, Bumper, horns, cockpit lights and more.

Manage your transportation company

Instead of bloody, deadly action games, you can choose from thousands of gentle simulation games to relax your mind. The world of simulation games is filled with many different aspects of life. Players can find their own fun when participating in the experience of these games. For those who love vehicles, especially big trucks, the driving simulation gameTruck Simulator Ultimate mod apk will give you a great experience on end. Bringing players to many challenging roads, different terrains helps you become the king of roads around the world.

Certainly, we all know how difficult driving can be, especially the bulky trucks and the complex terrain they cross. But managing a transportation company is more difficult than that. In this game, players will have to control a transportation company, hire executives and talented drivers, expand and develop their company. The game is a combination of two elements of simulation and management. You are both the founder of a transportation company and the one who drives to serve the needs of passengers.

Hire staff and unlock more trucks

There are many things that players can do to grow their businesses. But you won’t be able to do many things at once. One of the most important things about a company is its employees because they are the people who will run the business. You can hire and fire your employees at any time, such as drivers, accountants, chefs, delivery workers…

Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod offers players more than 32 different types of trucks. Of course, each truck is unique and so is the cost you spend to own them, players need to invest their money wisely so that the business does not lose money, and brings high profits more than that. Unlock the best trucks for your business to have a solid start, later on, the profits they bring can help you buy more trucks as your business grows.

In addition, a special feature in this game that is upgraded compared to previous Zuuks Games games is the multiplayer mode. Players can share cargo and freely participate in races where they can compete with other players.

Graphics and controls

The scene in the gameTruck Simulator Ultimate Mod Apk is fully 3D designed. From beautiful trucks to surroundings such as streets, trees, hills… Not only that, but the weather in the game is also faithfully reproduced, divided by light and dark, whether rain or shine and many other weather conditions. Everything in the game is reproduced in detail, even the player’s cockpit. Players can feel the tension when behind the wheel, sometimes have to cross dangerous roads. The principles of physics are also realistically simulated in this game like when you corner or collide with vehicles on the road.

Mod Requirements:

– Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
– Filza / iMazing or any other file managers for iOS.
– Cydia Substrate, Substitute or libhooker depending on your jailbreak.
– PreferenceLoader (from Cydia or Sileo).

Bundle ID: com.zuuks.truck.simulator.ultimate
iTunes Store Link:

How to install Truck Simulator : Ultimate MOD IOS :

STEP 1: Download the .deb Cydia hack file from the link above.
STEP 2: Copy the file over to your iDevice using any of the file managers mentioned above or skip this step if you’re downloading from your iDevice.
STEP 3: Using Filza or iFile, browse to where you saved the downloaded .deb file and tap on it.
STEP 4: Once you tap on the file, you will need to press on ‘Install‘ or ‘Installer‘ from the options on your screen.
STEP 5: Let Filza / iFile finish the cheat installation. Make sure it successfully installs, otherwise see the note below.
STEP 6: If the hack is a Mod Menu, which is usually the case nowadays, the cheat features can be toggled in-game. Some cheats have options that can be enabled from your iDevice settings.
STEP 7: Turn on the features you want and play the game. You may need to follow further instructions inside the hack’s popup in-game.

Download Truck Simulator : Ultimate MOD IOS for Iphone/Ipad

You can quickly download Truck Simulator : Ultimate MOD IOS iPhone / iPad app here by clicking the below download button. You will be taken to the official app download page of itunes store or App Store where you can download the app.

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