Folding MacBook may launch next year

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In the world of innovative and constantly evolving technology, Apple once again proves its appeal with an upcoming event: the launch of a new MacBook line with folding screen. According to widely spread rumors, this product is expected to be officially introduced next year, opening a new era in laptop technology. Apple is expected to introduce the first device with a folding screen in 2025, expected to be the MacBook, followed by the folding iPhone in 2026.

An idea about Apple’s folding laptop. Photo: KnowTechie

For those who love technology and are fans of Apple products, the fact that the MacBook has a folding screen has been a question for a long time. Last year, Apple officially introduced the folding iPad, paving the way for applying this technology to their mobile devices. Now, with the appearance of folding screens on MacBooks, this is an important and expected next step.

One of the most notable features of this new MacBook line is the folding screen, a unique and advanced feature that Apple has secretly developed in its factory. This screen is believed to bring a new experience to users, allowing them to use the MacBook both in traditional laptop form and in tablet form when necessary.

Along with the folding screen, the new MacBook line is expected to have significant improvements in performance and features. This includes upgrading the processor, increasing battery capacity, improving the cooling system and upgrading the camera and speakers.

Although there is no official information from Apple about this new MacBook line, the expectations and expectations from the user community have created a wave of excitement and speculation. The launch of the folding screen MacBook line next year is expected to attract great attention from both the technology world and consumers.

Meanwhile, let’s wait and review official information from Apple in the near future, when we can hopefully learn more about the features, prices and official launch date of this new MacBook line. .

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