Trò chơi nhập vai VR ‘Demeo’ hiện có sẵn cho Apple Vision Pro

The VR role-playing game ‘Demeo’ is now available for Apple Vision Pro

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When Apple Vision Pro was announced last year, a number of developers showed off their apps and games coming to the platform – this was the case with the popular VR role-playing game “Demeo” . The good news is that Demeo is now available on the VisionOS App Store.

The VR game ‘Demeo’ is now available for Vision Pro

Demeo is “a cross-platform cooperative adventure for up to four players, capturing all the magic and camaraderie of gathering around the table with friends to fight against the forces of evil .” There are four heroes available, each with different abilities. It combines virtual reality and augmented reality, creating a unique gameplay where players can feel like they are part of the game.

Demeo was originally released for Oculus Quest in 2021 and was later ported to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2 in 2023. And now Apple Vision Pro owners can experience the game too.

“We are excited to bring the full Demo game to Apple Vision Pro and have optimized the title for hand and eye tracking,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and founder of Resolution Games. device’s power to deliver incredible gameplay.”

Players can choose between two different modes. One of them opens the game in a 2D window, so you can play with friends and still multitask. There’s also a fully immersive mode that takes advantage of the Vision Pro’s VR capabilities. Demeo works with hand tracking and game controllers, so players can choose what works best for them.

It’s worth noting that Demeo is available for iPad and Mac – and a one-time purchase gets you the game across all Apple platforms. The demo costs $39.99 and you can buy it from the App Store.

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