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TwelveSouth’s Adjustable iPad Stand is secretly a versatile iPhone accessory

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TwelveSouth recently sent me their latest HoverBar Duo to test with FaceTime on an Apple TV 4K. The HoverBar Duo is primarily marketed as an adjustable iPad stand for hands-free tablet use. However, the arrival of FaceTime for Apple TV 4K makes the HoverBar Duo a versatile solution for positioning your iPhone camera just right. Before trying it out with FaceTime on the Apple TV 4K, the TwelveSouth HoverBar Duo proved useful with the iPhone in other ways.

TwelveSouth HoverBar Duo (Gen 2) Specifications

  • The quick-release mount is fully adjustable to hold the tablet up to 2 feet in the air.
  • Gen 2 introduces the QuickSwitch Tab to switch between the weighted base and the adjustable clamp without tools.
  • Clip fits devices from 5 inches to 8.5 inches; clamp attaches to the surface 0.4 inches to 1.4 inches.
  • The arm has two pivot points while the clip rotates in any direction.
  • Weight: 0.22 pounds/0.1 kg.
  • Color: new black or matte white.

Universal Continuous Camera Holder for iPhone

First, the HoverBar Duo is a great companion for one of my hobbies. The iPhone is my tuner (GuitarTuna) and riff guide (Tab) when I play guitar. That’s also how I record videos of class sessions to review and play back later. If I use my Mac, I use my iPhone as a web cam for Photo Booth. If not, I prop the iPhone up somewhere and hope for the best. Since receiving the HoverBar Duo mount, this has become my go-to method for positioning my phone properly.

Second, the HoverBar Duo is also great for using your iPhone and Continuity Camera for video calls on your Mac. The adjustable arm lets you position the camera exactly where you want it without attaching the phone to the laptop lid. The MagSafe iPhone Desktop Stand is even scarier when used on any planet with gravity. The HoverBar Duo is designed to mount an iPad, so the iPhone is nothing in comparison.

Third, let’s say my daughter keeps stealing the HoverBar Duo from my desk. What does she use it for? I’ve seen her use the HoverBar Duo to FaceTime, watch videos, apply makeup, and turn my office into a selfie spot. I’d say it has her seal of approval.

Finally, I actually tried out the HoverBar Duo to use FaceTime on my Apple TV 4K. What can I say? It works! Adjustable arms let you fine-tune the video look to your liking, and the sturdy stand means your iPhone won’t fall off the top of the TV. And seriously, if you haven’t tried placing your iPhone near your Apple TV to use FaceTime on the big screen, you must try it. It quickly becomes very natural – almost like sitting across from someone in the same position.

The real revelation for me, however, is how versatile and practical the iPad stand is for the iPhone. The HoverBar Duo is a sturdy, well-built product and the matte white finish looks cool. Try the HoverBar Duo for yourself to see if you agree.

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